13 March 2008

07 February 2008


Inspired by Nick Roche's All hail Megatron promo art.
Lot's of drawing, vectoring and finally playing with filters.

I'm quite happy how that Decepticon logo turned out sideways.

27 January 2008

The Big Shutdown!

Lineart: Psychotron @ NTFA board
Colors: Me!

Quite old piece I colored for NTFA Fanzine, Murrealbumi. 'bout a year ago.

22 January 2008

Bluestreak in Marvel way

Lineart: Snake Pliskin-o-bot @ IDW Forum
Colors: Feikki

Not enough skills for this. Although I'm happy with the result. Maybe I'll finish it when I've practiced more more more...

16 October 2007

Lappeenrannan Capoeira-yhdistys Ry.

Uusimpia projektejani on ollut muokata uutissivusto Lappeenrannan Capoeira-yhdistykselle tutuksi tulleeseen Blogger palveluun.

Lappeenrannan Capoeira yhdistys - Lpr Quilombo

17 April 2007


Luckily it hasn't rain here for a while. I got an inspiration to color again when I saw r-sail's request for coloring his birthday pic. Took me an hour and the outcome made me very happy. =)

20 March 2007

Transformers mod for Flatout 2 PC-game!

I've made alot of Transformers cars for great PC game Flatout 2. They're mostly from G1 or Binaltech/Alternators series, but there are few exceptions like Classic Hot Rod and few own version of familiar characters. There's 45 cars and you can make 5-6 skins for each so I'll happily take all the suggestions, ideas and designs you guys might have. I'd like to convert the game into TF universe as far as I can, modifying adds, drivers and even menus as well as I can.

If you like my skins and want them for your own Flatout 2 game just ask! If there's someone interested I can send full list of cars I've made or more images.