16 October 2007

Lappeenrannan Capoeira-yhdistys Ry.

Uusimpia projektejani on ollut muokata uutissivusto Lappeenrannan Capoeira-yhdistykselle tutuksi tulleeseen Blogger palveluun.

Lappeenrannan Capoeira yhdistys - Lpr Quilombo

17 April 2007


Luckily it hasn't rain here for a while. I got an inspiration to color again when I saw r-sail's request for coloring his birthday pic. Took me an hour and the outcome made me very happy. =)

20 March 2007

Transformers mod for Flatout 2 PC-game!

I've made alot of Transformers cars for great PC game Flatout 2. They're mostly from G1 or Binaltech/Alternators series, but there are few exceptions like Classic Hot Rod and few own version of familiar characters. There's 45 cars and you can make 5-6 skins for each so I'll happily take all the suggestions, ideas and designs you guys might have. I'd like to convert the game into TF universe as far as I can, modifying adds, drivers and even menus as well as I can.

If you like my skins and want them for your own Flatout 2 game just ask! If there's someone interested I can send full list of cars I've made or more images.

27 January 2007

OK, it's been a long time, so quoting Ashley Wood's words:

Updates soon !
Really .......

I've been helping one TF artist on few non-TF related projects. I've made "Girls of Sin City" project and I've done several Transformers skins for Flatout 2.

I'll try to put something up when I have time. In the mean time I'd really apreciate everyone (if any) who reads my blog to comment atleast just to say "hello!"