19 September 2006

Sin City Nightbeat

I did this pic a while ago. I tried to draw My favourite Transformer Nightbeat in a Frank Miller's Sin City style. I like the outcome myself alot. I even send it to IDW in hopes of getting it to TF comic pages. Ryall suprisingly liked my pic and told he'll feature it in Infiltration #3. No luck, they didn't get permission from Hasbro to feature fan art on their pages. Ryall said he'll try later again. Last time I asked, in a hopes of getting it in Nightbeat spotlight, (how cool would've that been?), he told me Hasbro weren't into it, for some reason. So anyways here we go, hopefully someone enjoys... =)

05 September 2006

Just something

Inspired by E.J. Su's update I just wanted to write something too. :) Dating's been keeping me busy lately, so I've been quiet on the TF front. Not complaining though. ;)

I just read today Evolutions story Hearts of Steel #2&3 and I loved them! I love Guido Guidi's drawings wery much, the grin on Starscream's face is perfect. And the A cover for #3! Freaking awesome! Ravage looks so good, and so does the Starscream! The story is so strong, entertaining and funny, that lack of Guidi didn't ruin the whole experience reading the third issue. The art could have been so much better with TF's especially, but some of the pages with humans looked very, very good. Can't wait to read the fourth and last issue.

I love this Nick Roche's cover for Spotlight: Nightbeat! =)