05 October 2006

Rejected Ashley Wood goodness

This was supposed to be IDW Publishing's Transformers Generations #4 cover.

IDW's Transformers Generations had few beautiful Ashley Wood covers. I especially liked #1 Megatron and #5 Blaster. I wish I could get those on my wall atleast as a posters someday. IDW, pretty please! It was a bit sad that out of 6 solicitated Ash covers we eventually got 4. Issue 4 didn't have Ashley Wood cover because it was rejected on last minute by Hasbro (thanks alot). IDW did print it in those miniprints you get with the most rare Incentive covers. But anyway here's the pic if you haven't seen it yet elsewhere. I'm still happy for the four awesome Ash covers we got, not to mention Nick Roche's work! Now if Wood would do a whole book! But I guess that's unlikely since he didn't even bother to do the #6 cover... I'll have my fingers crossed and there's always Popbot, Lore, Metal Gear Solid, RvsZ and so on... =)

19 September 2006

Sin City Nightbeat

I did this pic a while ago. I tried to draw My favourite Transformer Nightbeat in a Frank Miller's Sin City style. I like the outcome myself alot. I even send it to IDW in hopes of getting it to TF comic pages. Ryall suprisingly liked my pic and told he'll feature it in Infiltration #3. No luck, they didn't get permission from Hasbro to feature fan art on their pages. Ryall said he'll try later again. Last time I asked, in a hopes of getting it in Nightbeat spotlight, (how cool would've that been?), he told me Hasbro weren't into it, for some reason. So anyways here we go, hopefully someone enjoys... =)

05 September 2006

Just something

Inspired by E.J. Su's update I just wanted to write something too. :) Dating's been keeping me busy lately, so I've been quiet on the TF front. Not complaining though. ;)

I just read today Evolutions story Hearts of Steel #2&3 and I loved them! I love Guido Guidi's drawings wery much, the grin on Starscream's face is perfect. And the A cover for #3! Freaking awesome! Ravage looks so good, and so does the Starscream! The story is so strong, entertaining and funny, that lack of Guidi didn't ruin the whole experience reading the third issue. The art could have been so much better with TF's especially, but some of the pages with humans looked very, very good. Can't wait to read the fourth and last issue.

I love this Nick Roche's cover for Spotlight: Nightbeat! =)

05 July 2006

The War Within: Thrust

I repainted LoC Starscream into The War Within inspired Thrust. I think it's one of my better works, I'm quite happy the way it came out. So happy that when I noticed TFMaster's contest I took part of it and even made it to the "Best Overalls"!! Cool! Now I just wish for the best, although I'm quite satisfied already for qualifying. Just look at that one guy's Vector Prime repaint or one other guy's Cybertron Defence Perceptor at the "Best Overalls". ^^ They're pretty purdy and I'm very honored to among those guys. Since I made it to the "Best Overalls" I'll be able to post ten more pics there. I'll do it as soon as I'll get couple of good pics in a good lighting.

Check out my entry:

28 May 2006

Iron Khorn

The Transformers: Infiltration and Escalation cover artist Klaus Scherwinski has drawn pretty wicked looking mix of Transformers Ironhide and Khorne Chaos Space Marine from gothic world of Warhammer 40 000. He was inspired by a discussion of mixin those worlds together for comic crossover. I'd love to see Warhammer 40 000 / Transformers comic. Looking at that beautiful drawing I don't wonder if Hasbro rejects the idea. But anyway I'd love to see that comic come true and it's nice that someone with skills does stuff like this. Better than nothing. Now if Klaus would learn to design transforming robots (if he doesn't know yet how to). I want more.

Anyway, I coloured that pic. Just thought to practice little. Those colours are just my own little mishmash and I guess Klaus will color that pic himself if he finds time from drawing Escalation covers. I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome, I think it's one of my best colors, not that I'd have colored much.

21 May 2006

Hard Rock Hallelujah!

Go Lordi! Finland won Eurovision contest first time ever and Lordi scored the most points ever! That's no wonder after all Chaos bringer, Unicron LOVES Lordi!

09 April 2006

I'm in Nemi strip!

I'm in the newest finnish Nemi album, Kevättä Hampaissa, well sort of. Originally boy's hair was blond so I colored it to resemble me more. XD

Rough translation in english:

Boy: What an ugly shoes!
Nemi: Excuse me?
Boy: I'm just being honest.

Boy: Yup, I'm just like that. I'm used to tell everything right into the face. People just have to live with it.

Nemi: OK, you have prominent ears, eyes too close to each other, bad skin, weak voice, hairs coming out of your nose, trousers that doesn't fit from your ass and jacket that blind man wouldn't wipe his ass.

Nemi: Fake

Feikki= finnish slang word for fake, comes from english.

05 April 2006

4, 3, 2, 1, Ignition. First picture has been displayed succesfully

Josh, the IDW publishing's Beast Wars colorist posted coloring guide to IDW's forum and I went and tried it. I picked inkku's picture where Silverstreak (or was he Bluestreak) has passed out with Rumble and Frenzy after few too many Energon shots. Damn, she has wicked sense of humor! =) She originally posted that pic at NTFA Forum. Coloring was fun, though picture had only 75 dpi. If I only find more time and inspiration I'll color more inkku's art.

03 April 2006

Test site testing

I guess this is working! =)

Coming soon some of my projects and various stuff that I've liked