09 April 2006

I'm in Nemi strip!

I'm in the newest finnish Nemi album, Kevättä Hampaissa, well sort of. Originally boy's hair was blond so I colored it to resemble me more. XD

Rough translation in english:

Boy: What an ugly shoes!
Nemi: Excuse me?
Boy: I'm just being honest.

Boy: Yup, I'm just like that. I'm used to tell everything right into the face. People just have to live with it.

Nemi: OK, you have prominent ears, eyes too close to each other, bad skin, weak voice, hairs coming out of your nose, trousers that doesn't fit from your ass and jacket that blind man wouldn't wipe his ass.

Nemi: Fake

Feikki= finnish slang word for fake, comes from english.

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