28 May 2006

Iron Khorn

The Transformers: Infiltration and Escalation cover artist Klaus Scherwinski has drawn pretty wicked looking mix of Transformers Ironhide and Khorne Chaos Space Marine from gothic world of Warhammer 40 000. He was inspired by a discussion of mixin those worlds together for comic crossover. I'd love to see Warhammer 40 000 / Transformers comic. Looking at that beautiful drawing I don't wonder if Hasbro rejects the idea. But anyway I'd love to see that comic come true and it's nice that someone with skills does stuff like this. Better than nothing. Now if Klaus would learn to design transforming robots (if he doesn't know yet how to). I want more.

Anyway, I coloured that pic. Just thought to practice little. Those colours are just my own little mishmash and I guess Klaus will color that pic himself if he finds time from drawing Escalation covers. I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome, I think it's one of my best colors, not that I'd have colored much.


Leander Lustenberger said...

Hi Feikki,
your testsite looks very similiar to mine,even things like posting yourself.i added some ads too, just to get experiencend.unfortunately, my blog is written in german, maybe i will change.

Feikki said...

Heei Leander, my first comment. =)

That's quite unavoidable since these are templates so many will have the same. I'm trying to learn how to custom my template. I guess there's very nice and wide possibilities to do that. Now if I only knew how to.

I've been studying this site a bit:

Take care