05 July 2006

The War Within: Thrust

I repainted LoC Starscream into The War Within inspired Thrust. I think it's one of my better works, I'm quite happy the way it came out. So happy that when I noticed TFMaster's contest I took part of it and even made it to the "Best Overalls"!! Cool! Now I just wish for the best, although I'm quite satisfied already for qualifying. Just look at that one guy's Vector Prime repaint or one other guy's Cybertron Defence Perceptor at the "Best Overalls". ^^ They're pretty purdy and I'm very honored to among those guys. Since I made it to the "Best Overalls" I'll be able to post ten more pics there. I'll do it as soon as I'll get couple of good pics in a good lighting.

Check out my entry:

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