05 October 2006

Rejected Ashley Wood goodness

This was supposed to be IDW Publishing's Transformers Generations #4 cover.

IDW's Transformers Generations had few beautiful Ashley Wood covers. I especially liked #1 Megatron and #5 Blaster. I wish I could get those on my wall atleast as a posters someday. IDW, pretty please! It was a bit sad that out of 6 solicitated Ash covers we eventually got 4. Issue 4 didn't have Ashley Wood cover because it was rejected on last minute by Hasbro (thanks alot). IDW did print it in those miniprints you get with the most rare Incentive covers. But anyway here's the pic if you haven't seen it yet elsewhere. I'm still happy for the four awesome Ash covers we got, not to mention Nick Roche's work! Now if Wood would do a whole book! But I guess that's unlikely since he didn't even bother to do the #6 cover... I'll have my fingers crossed and there's always Popbot, Lore, Metal Gear Solid, RvsZ and so on... =)

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